It's one thing to fully recover. It's another thing to help others attain the same level of freedom. Below is just a a small percentage of some of the clients I've helped.

Some have even joined my team as coaches to help others fully overcome.

I hope this inspires hope and brings you motivation.

I Want To Be Mentored By Shaan

Anxiety Success Stories

Kaylee's Incredible Recovery Journey From Debilitating Anxiety (Also Now A Coach In My Program)

Cesar's Incredible Recovery After Suffering For Years With Derealization (Also Now A Coach In My Program)

Recovering From Derealization And Anxiety - Cesars Journey Part 2 (One Year After Original Interview Above)

"I Was Having Five-to-Ten Panic Attacks A Day." Mirka's Recovery From Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Anxiety Recovery Roundtable With Four Of Shaan's Clients

"I Doubted The Process At First" Rui's Incredible Anxiety Recovery Journey (INSPIRING)

Members Share Their Honest Review And Progress Of The Mentorship

Nico's Recovery Journey With Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Derealization/Depersonalization

"I Recovered From Extreme Heart Palpitations, Brain Fog, And Intrusive Thoughts." Shiv's Journey

"I've had the best four months of my life." Overcoming Anxiety and DP/DR -- Patterson's Recovery Journey

"My Depersonalization Was So Intense, I Thought I Was Going To Disappear" Jimmy's Anxiety Recovery

Nicole's Recovery Journey From Derealization and Palpitations

Azra's Incredible Recovery From Anxiety Induced Panic Attacks, Dizziness, Palpitations, and Numbness

"My Therapist Said Something Was Wrong With Me." Heather's Journey Through Derealization And Anxiety

"My biggest fear was that I was going to faint." Kendra's Remarkable Journey from Anxiety

"Google Said I Had A Bunch Of Weird Diseases When It Was Just Anxiety" Leo's Incredible Recovery

"My Symptoms Were Changing Every Day." Shubham's Incredible Journey From Health Anxiety

"Driving Was My Favorite Thing, and I Was Robbed Of It" Kat's Incredible Anxiety Recovery Journey

Dareld's recovery journey after suffering for 20 years with panic attacks

Pearla's Incredible Journey From Almost Going On Disability to Overcoming Anxiety

"I'm So Glad I Went Through This" Ali's Incredible Recovery Journey Through Anxiety

Kyle's Incredible Transformation From Overcoming Physical Symptoms Caused By Anxiety

Flavia's recovery after suffering from debilitating Panic Attacks

Ruben's recovery after suffering with Anxiety-induced Nausea and Digestive Issues

Amine's recovery after suffering for years with Anxiety-induced Physical Symptoms

At this point, I'm gettin recovery stories everyday. We constantly see progress in individuals daily, including direct messages from individuals on my social media platforms. If I had to post every single success, it would never end. Here is just a glimpse.